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Seeds of Hope – Parish Orders


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The Passion and Resurrection of Our Lord Jesus Christ (DVD)


Fr. J. Michael Sparough, SJ inspires with his portrayal of Jesus and all the other characters of St. John’s account of the Passion and Resurrection. Fr. Jim Willig shares his reflections on this scripture in light of his own cross – living with Stage 4 cancer.

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Lessons from the School of Suffering



Lessons From the School of Suffering is a MUST READ for anyone suffering in anyway, be it physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually. This book also gives great guidance to the caretakers of those who are suffering.

Author: Fr. Jim Willig & Tamara Bundy


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Lessons From the School of Suffering (CD set)


Brian Patrick reads Fr. Jim Willig’s book “Lessons from the School of Suffereing,” which shares Fr. Jim’s journey with terminal renal cell cancer. Suffering is no guarantee of holiness. It can be an invaluable teacher or it can crush a person into self-pity. If we learn well the many lessons from suffering, we can transform our lives, according to Fr. Jim.

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Lessons From the School of Suffering: The Retreat

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Lessons from the School of Suffering THE RETREAT is a series of conferences given by Fr. Michael Sparough,SJ and co-author of Lessons from the School of Suffering, Tammy Bundy. These 4 CD’s are designed to help the listener seek a healing peace.

(4 CD’s)
Fr. Michael Sparough, Tammy Bundy

A Retreat with PeterA Retreat with PeterOut Of Stock

A Retreat with Peter: Growing from Sinner to Saint


A Retreat with Peter presents a seven-day retreat with Peter as your guide. Each day is blessed with an introduction by Fr. Jim Willig, during the last days of his cancer journey.

Authors: Fr. Jim Willig & Tammy Bundy

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Luminous Mysteries

$24.95 $20.00

Fr. J. Michael Sparough, S.J.
Music by Bobby Fisher and other artists

In the dark on the Luminous Mysteries? Come into the light as Fr. Michael uses stories, scriptural exegesis, songs, and examples from everyday life to open for us the profound wisdom of these new mysteries.
(5 CD’s)

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Ornaments of Grace 2019 – Individual Orders


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Mary, the Mother of God
Pope Francis
Martin Luther King, Jr
Dorothy Day
and 28 additional inspiring lives!

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The Peace Prayer of St. FrancisOut Of Stock

The Peace Prayer of St. Francis


The Sparough Family Mission Team explores 30 days of thought provoking prayers and inspiring meditations, punctuated with scripture verses and reflection questions.

by the Sparough Family Mission Team

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Treasures From The Heart (2-CD set)

$18.95 $15.00

Treasures From The Heart: Meditations With Mary is a guided meditation with Fr. Michael and Betsey Beckman, accompanied by Bobby Fisher’s beautiful music.